Will the Congress Manifesto’s promise of Asylum laws make illegals legal?
03 Apr 2019 16:35:08


The Congress seems to be really satisfied with its newly released manifesto. An important aspect of the manifesto is the promise to institutionalize an asylum law in accordance with international conventions. The Law of Asylum that has been discussed in the manifesto has clearly been formulated with the issue of the Rohingya and Bangladeshi illegal migrants plaguing the country in mind. Whether or not the law opens up the possibility of the legaliziation of these illegal migrants is open to debate.

The Congress party surely blows things out of proportion, without providing proper thought to the consequences and the execution of the promises that it is making in the manifesto. Given that the National Registration of Citizens was the Congress’ brain child, it is ironic that today the very party stands diametrically opposed to the implementation of its own proposal. This shows the uncertainty with which the party operates, the same uncertainty is showcased in the promises of its manifesto.

Rohingya muslims are a community from Myanmar that have been denied citizenship from their state. This has resulted in high influx in India, along with the Bangladeshi migrants. The two ommunities have caused a major refugee problem for India.

The Law of Asylum would not only legitimize those persons who might cause a rise in the militant activities, but also pose financial burden. The country is already dealing with the insurgency at the Kashmir borders and has devised tools like NRC to resist in the East. The Congress party has been vehemently opposing the bill and it seems to neglect the fact that it is troublesome for the country to house such refugees. The problem also arises with the concentration of these refugees that do not just limit north or east but are as widespread as to Kerala.

The party surely puts no such preference of the citizens of the country and their security. The states of the North East have been troubled due to the illegal capture of land and resources and high criminal activities. The question to ask here is, a party which does not support the National Registration of Citizen, how is such a party, including the idea of Law of Asylum in their manifesto?

The question to ponder is; are Congress party members supporting these illegal migrants on humanitarian grounds or whether there could be other reasons for it? Does the Congress party have an idea of the financial drain the immigrants will be on the nation’s resources and the pressure that will accrue on the government.

The most important aspect  that is left untouched by the Congress party in playing the “Asylum” card is the terrorist activities that have been propagating by the Rohingyas. India Today reported that a 23 year old Rohingya serving for Al-Queda was caught recruiting from India, according to the NIA.  Other incidences that prove Rohingya link to terrorist activities are that of Aqa Mul Mujaheedin and its connection with Jaish-e-Mohammad.

The Rahul Gandhi led party however seems to turn a deaf year to all this shout and cry of its own people. The law and order is a major issue that the states of Assam and Mizoram have been dealing with, bringing more illegal migrants might escalate this issue. The NRC is still in process and has got a strong opposition from the Congress, but somewhere the party also banks its vote on those who might not make it to the list.  

The Congress leaders have at various occasions, questioned the BJP government on the employment statistics, however they are not sure themselves of how they would feed the mouths of those that they wish to welcome through their Law of Asylum.

The constant and contradictory stands on NRC by the Congress and its promises of Law of Asylum does not really balance out well. The neglect to important issues by the Congress before introducing a law like the Law of Asylum is a big question on its reliability as a party to be voted to form a government at the centre.