#Balkatha : Swami Thiruvadikal
17 Oct 2019 13:57:14

Sri.Vidyadhiraja Chattambi Swami Thiruvadikal was one of the most worshipped spiritual leaders of our country. He studied Malayalam, Sanskrit and Tamil languages from the ‘Asan School’ of the Kollur Athiyar Matah. He supervised the class and therefore, he came to be known as ‘Chattambi’, which means ‘monitor’. He lived in Kollam, Kerala. He was a Yogi and a Scholar and the Guru of Shri Narayana Guru, a very famous Guru of Kerala.
Once, a corrupt Government official invited Chattambi Sastrigal (as he was a Shastri par excellence – he knew all the Shastras) to his house for Bhiksha. Sanyasis eat food offered as Bhiksha – they do not earn for a living – they do Tapasya for the welfare of the whole World and teach/advise people how to attain the highest goal of life.
Now Chattambi Swamigal knew that this official was corrupt. So ideally he should not eat his food. But Gurus are not ordinary humans. They use every tool available to improve on our lives and become better people. So he accepted the invite for Bhiksha. But he put forward a condition, “My disciples will also come along for Bhiksha.” The official agreed.
On the day of Bhiksha, Swamigal arrived alone. The official asked, “Where are your disciples, Swamigal?” Swamigal replied, “Serve the food first. They will arrive as soon as I call them.”
The food was served. Then Swamigal went to the door and called out loudly, “Come in, my Shishyas. Food is served.” In came a pack of street dogs, one after another. As the official and others present watched in horror, the dogs went and sat in an orderly manner in front of the served plantain leaves and started eating.
To everyone’s surprise, they licked the leaves clean, and on finishing, they went out also in an orderly manner. Swamigal smiled at the shocked face of the official. He said, “Arrey, they are not ordinary dogs. In their previous life they were Government officials. But because they were corrupt, they were cursed by those who were affected by their corrupt behaviour. As a result, they were born as dogs in this life and are treated badly and looked upon with contempt by everyone. Who can escape the consequences of one’s Karma?”
The official understood that Swamigal was giving him a message. He was ashamed of his corrupt behaviour and promised to shun such behaviour from then on. He had been blessed by a Guru.